The Art Of The Metaobject Protocol -

the art of the metaobject protocol gregor kiczales jim - the art of the metaobject protocol gregor kiczales jim des rivieres daniel g bobrow on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the authors introduce this new approach to programming language design describe its evolution and design principles, object oriented programming in common lisp a programmer s - after reading through half of the art of meta object protocol i was finding it the book a good read but now here near the epitaph endowed by alan kay the most important book about oop in the last decade, functional programming books overview alex ott - functional programming has very long history and a lot of books was released in paper electronic forms these books covers all areas from theoretical foundations of functional programming to programming in concrete languages frameworks, programming language theory wikipedia - programming language theory plt is a branch of computer science that deals with the design implementation analysis characterization and classification of programming languages and their individual features it falls within the discipline of computer science both depending on and affecting mathematics software engineering linguistics and even cognitive science